Facts You Didn’t Know About Some Of Your Favorite Movie Stars

Facts You Didn’t Know About Some of Your Favorite Movie Stars

Celebrity lives are very accessible to the public. We are just one click away from knowing everything and anything we want to know about them. They basically have no privacy. The moment they step out of their homes, paparazzi start clicking and taking photos. The public is very good at catching them at their worst.

But there are things we still don’t know and to their credit, celebrities are still able to keep some of their personal information away from the public. Here are a few celebrity secrets that would definitely shock you.

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie Are Childhood Friends

Daughter of Robert Kardashian an American attorney and businessman, Kim Kardashian is known to be friends with Nicole Richie, the step-daughter of musician Lionel Richie. But what the public doesn’t know is that they have been friends since they were 12 years old. This might not come as a shock since the two of them obviously grew up in an elite circle in Hollywood. Being the children of well-known personalities, these two are meant to be friends.

Charlize Theron Is the Ultimate Multilinguist

Award-winning actress Charlize Theron is not only skilled in her craft as an actress and producer but she is also a multilinguist. As someone who is from South Africa, Theron can speak 26 Afrikaans dialects. She only learned English from watching TV but, otherwise, her medium of conversation is her local language. How amazing is it that she can already speak 26 dialects and learned English on her own.

Sophie Turner’s Horse Allergies

The Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner has admitted that she has always had asthma. Playing the role of Sansa Stark was quite difficult for her because during medieval times, horses were always around and the actress is apparently allergic to them. She shared that she bloats and has trouble breathing when she’s around them. The fact that she still chose to carry on with her role given her condition shows how professional Turner is when it comes to her work. There was nothing to worry about though because she probably had insurance to cover some hospital bills in case her condition got a little severe.

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Royalty

The award-winning British actor is apparently related to King Richard III. With his looks that would definitely match a monarch, it still comes as a shock to know that he is the last male in line in the family of Plantagenets of England.

Snowbell from Stuart Little Is Owned By An Actor

Known for his incredible roles in Hollywood, Chris Pratt and ex-wife Anna Faris lived with one more star. Their cat who they named Mrs. White is apparently Snowbell from Stuart Little. Isn’t it amazing to have a pet who earns and adds to your investments? One wonders how the audition for that went.

Dev Patel Can Kick Your Butt

Actor Dev Patel who has made a lot of females swoon for his roles has skills besides acting. The English actor was enrolled in a martial arts class at a young age as one of his childhood activities. Patel apparently holds a Black Belt and has won prizes for his skills.

Jackie Chan’s Roles Are Too Dangerous

Chinese action star Jackie Chan has become popular worldwide for his daredevil roles. The actor frequently got injured for these roles and has basically broken every bone in his body. Because of this, a lot of insurance companies have refused to offer him their services. Unluckily, even his stunt doubles are even getting refused by these companies. Not to worry, Chan can probably afford to pay for all his own medical bills.

Nicole Kidman Made Millions in 2 Minutes

Most of us can’t even earn a dollar in a minute but award-winning actress Nicole Kidman once earned $3.71 million in a span of 2 minutes. Quite unbelievable, right? The actress was in a Chanel commercial that lasted for 2 minutes and it was said to be the longest Chanel commercial in history. The commercial which starred the actress cost around $11 million and the actress got at least 25% of it. This commercial was probably the easiest investment she’s made.