Movie Facts That Will Surprise You About Your Favorite Films

Film and movies are favorite pastimes for just about anyone. If you are looking for something to do or are looking for an opportunity to chill, picking a movie and your favorite snack can be the perfect go-to activity. Some will say that spending a lot of time watching movies is a waste of electricity, but to others who watch movies to enjoy themselves and escape life’s problems, they consider it a hobby.

Movie geeks and cinema-goers have a very good eye for appreciating movies. They usually see the subtle changes in tone and understand the deeper meaning of each and every scene. But it isn’t always that they can pinpoint the work put in or the details left out from a film. Here are some facts about your favorite movies that will make you wonder or be in awe.

1.Frozone’s wife (Honey) was supposed to make an appearance in “The Incredibles 2.”

Frozone’s wife has always played an important role in the life of the character but her face has always been a mystery. The writer-director of The Incredibles 2, Brad Bird, was planning to show Honey during the fight scene but decided against it. Bird wanted to gas up on the momentum of the fight scene and he thought that if they stayed away from it for too long, it would ruin the dramatic feel of the scene. It was decided that they were going to keep the idea of Honey an inside joke so that audiences will be able to imagine her as anyone.

2.“Us” single leather glove

Each Tethered person in the movie wore a single leather glove on their right hand as a tribute to O.J. Simpson, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Jackson. The director, Jordan Peele, shared that he sees Jackson as an icon of duality which gives more meaning to the film.

3.Isla Fisher almost drowned in “Now You See Me”

The scene where Isla Fisher’s character is chained inside a water tank in Now You See Me was very much real. The actress had quick-release chains that would have allowed her to easily escape when she was submerged underwater. The frightening event that happened while shooting the scene must have also made Fisher’s insurance company nervous.

Fisher was stuck in the tank and the chains between her legs wouldn’t break off. The actress was already panicking but the staff thought it was just part of her great acting. Luckily, they were able to take her out and help her.

4.Timothee Chalamet wore an earpiece in “Call Me by Your Name” to get a feel of the moment.

During the fireplace scene in Call Me by Your Name, Timothee Chalamet admitted to wearing an earpiece for him to be able to listen to the song that would be played in the movie. Listening to the song made the actor feel the scene much more deeply, just like how music makes us feel cinematic moments more deeply. It greatly helped him play the part, and to his credit, Chalamet did a great job.

5.A line from “Thor: Ragnarok” was improvised by a kid from Make-a-Wish

The “he’s a friend from work” line in Thor: Ragnarok came from a kid who visited the set of the movie. The kid who came from Make-a-Wish Foundation left a mark on Chris Hemsworth with that line. The entire cast loved it and they ended up putting it in the movie. This masterpiece from Marvel is known to have many improvised lines but we can’t deny that the heartwarming story behind the line was an investment that made movie watchers laugh.

6.Henry Golding almost turned down his role on “Crazy Rich Asians”

Known to be a travel host, Henry Golding didn’t have much experience with acting. Playing the role of Nick Young on Crazy Rich Asians was his first movie role. Golding felt like the role was too big to take on and that it would need a better actor who had more experience in acting. Little did he know that he actually became the best person to play the Singaporean heir Nicholas Young–and the role turned out to be the best investment of his career.