The Guy Inherited His Grandfather’s Old House, But He Didn’t Expect That Strange Things Were Happening Around Him

Greg is an ordinary small-town young man. He registered as a Twitter user in 2014, but in the following years, he had not updated his Twitter and put it so quietly.He didn’t update his first tweet until July 2018.

At the beginning, the content he posted was very normal, mostly his daily life, food and cocktails. However, in the second half of 2018, he suddenly said that he had just learned of his grandfather’s death. Although he had not contacted him for many years, but he was still sad to hear the news. Greg said that his mother rarely mentioned his grandfather, and he rarely asked about his grandfather.

After this tweet, Greg disappeared for almost two months. Maybe it’s hard to recover his mood because of the death of his family.

But at the end of October, everything became different. He went back to Twitter and posted a picture of the bug with the text “New Friends”.

Immediately afterwards, Greg said that something seemed to be happening in the woods outside, so he decided to sort everything out and find out what is unusual.

The house he was staying in was not his own, but left by his grandfather. After his grandfather’s death, the real estate agency contacted Greg and said that the house belonged to him from then and with no money loans.

Greg said his grandfather’s house was on a hill near the lake, about a half-hour’s drive from the city, with other homes scattered around.

The strange thing was that only the houses could be seen, but not the people. Maybe these houses were the owner’s holiday villas, which were rarely occupied.

Next, Greg began to describe his family relationship. He said he rarely saw his grandfather from a very young age, and the relationship between his mother and grandfather was not good — she rarely mentioned his grandfather.

What made it even stranger was that when Greg asked something about his grandfather, his mother would be very angry and change the subject quickly.

Although Greg lived in his grandfather’s house then, he didn’t want to stay there for too long. He just wanted to sell the house quickly and return to his original life.

But after consulting a lawyer, he found that selling a house was not that simple, especially an old house in a remote area, not to mention if it could be sold immediately. There was not even a person wanting to look at the house. Greg had to keep waiting.

Then Greg tweeted that he had been in his grandfather’s house for several days, and he hardly saw anyone passing by his grandfather’s house those days, but except that it was too quiet and cold, nothing special happened.

Greg didn’t know how long he would stay in this unfamiliar place, so he drove to a nearby town to buy some daily necessities. When he finished shopping and drove home, he saw there was a strange thing hanging on the door of his house, something that made him puzzled.

The electricity in the house was not very stable, so the light at the door often flashed non-stop. The atmosphere started to become a little weird.

This thing looks like a handicraft, tied with branches and twine. Several animal bones are tied to the rope in the middle.

Greg didn’t think too much at the time, because this handicraft was very rough. He guessed it was probably a prank by some kid, so he picked up the small triangle and threw it into the fire.

The next morning, Greg got up to eat breakfast and took a cup of coffee, then he took a walk outside the house. Unexpectedly, he spotted an identical wooden triangle hanging on the branch of a big tree not far from his house.

And things were not so simple. In the next hour, he found many such wooden triangles on the surrounding trees and on the steps in front of the door.

Some of these strange wooden triangles are tied with a stone in the middle, and some with a feather in the middle. The workmanship is not exquisite, or even rough.

By this time, Greg thought that someone was playing a prank, and deliberately hung up such inferior handicrafts around his home. Maybe it was to drive him away, maybe it was to make fun of him, but Greg threw all these wooden triangles into the fire without thinking more about it.

Then, Greg went into his grandfather’s house, turned on the gas, took a comfortable bath, and changed his clothes. He was going to repair the backyard to make the house look more beautiful.

However, when he was repairing a corner of the yard, he saw a dark object staring at him in the forest not far away, so Greg immediately walked out of the yard, trying to figure out what it was.

But when he came closer, the dark thing turned out to be just a piece of torn clothes which looked like a particularly loose hoodie. Greg didn’t know who left it, and he didn’t want to touch it.

Then Greg looked around and found another pair of torn socks, some rags like panties, a notebook, and a plastic spoon.

Greg subconsciously thought that someone might have camped in the forest near his grandfather’s house. He then picked up the notebook on the ground and flipped some pages, and found that there was nothing. It was obviously a used notebook,

because some of the pages were torn off.

On the last page of the notebook, Greg vaguely saw some handwriting, but could not read the specific content. Greg suspected that there must be some homeless people living near his home, and tried to scare him away in this way to occupy the house.

That night, Greg could not sleep. He felt a little worried and a little scared. He always felt that someone had been watching him since the first day he came here.

The next day, Greg went out early, and he went to the forest near the backyard again to see if there would be any new discoveries today.

He found that the forest seemed to have been cleared by someone. All the things he found yesterday were gone. Greg thought that the homeless guy must be here again at night and took his things.

Fortunately, Greg picked up the notebook yesterday and brought it home. He wanted to find some clues in the notebook. But Greg didn’t forget why he came here. His first job was to contact the real estate agency and sell the house as soon as possible.

To make it easier to sell the house, Greg decided to buy some cleaning supplies in the small town and clean the house thoroughly.

When Greg finished shopping and drove back to his grandfather’s house, he saw a person standing behind the huge tree, and this person was staring straight at his grandfather’s house. Greg couldn’t see this person’s facial features, and could only see the clothes he was wearing; that was the old hoodie Greg found in the woods the day before.

“Who is this person and why does he hide in the dark?” Greg got out of the car quietly, took out his phone, and wanted to take some photos as evidence, but just at the moment he was going to capture it, the man suddenly turned and walked into the forest. Greg only photographed a very vague figure.

Greg wasn’t bothered with roof repairs and backyard repairs anymore. He just stood there, not daring to move for several minutes, and he didn’t return home
until he was sure that this person would never come back.