Hollywood Stars You Didn’t Expect To Be Parents At Such A Young Age

Roseanne Barr

We may know Roseanne Barr as a funny lady, but things weren’t always easy for the actress and comedian. In an interview with People magazine, Barr shared that she gave birth to a baby girl when she was 18 years old in Denver, Colorado. However, she gave her up for adoption after spending nine short days with her because she realized she didn’t have the money or even access to cash loans to care for her daughter. However, we all know how successful Roseanne Barr is now.

Seventeen years later, she and her daughter, Brandi, now 17 years old, were reunited. They may still be apart now, but at least they have built a relationship. Roseanne remains an icon for her work in her eponymous sitcom, for which she garnered a Golden Globe, an Emmy Award, and a Hollywood Walk of Fame.