Living Stars From Hollywood’s Golden Age – See How They Live Now


It seems like Robert Duvall is on a break from filming and enjoying his lifelong investments. Although Robert Duvall has turned 90 this year, he is not the flimsy kind of elder you see in the movies. He is healthy and thriving with his wife for 15 years, Luciana Pedraza. Robert Duvall is the actor who dominated the film industry in the early ‘60s to ‘90s. He was a part of The Godfather cast, where his performance receives a nomination in the Academy Awards.

Duvall also received accolades for his performance in Tender Mercies, Apocalypse Now, and A Civil Action. Likewise, Duvall’s recent performance in the 2014 film The Judge earned him praises from viewers and critics. Duvall, a former army veteran, and theatre actor, has been off the screen in recent years. Though his absence from the screen might be an indication of his retirement, we can still catch a glimpse of the great actor in the streets of LA and red carpet events.