Billionaire Celebrities – Their Bank Balance Is Much More Than You Thought


Sean Combs, also known as P Diddy, has approximately amassed a net worth of $885 million as of 2021. He started his career when he left his university to work as a talent director for New York’s Uptown Records.  Combs would eventually get fired but would later prove to be a blessing in disguise. Shortly after, he would build his own label Bad Boy Entertainment with Notorious B.I.G.
Not only did this move boost his credit score, but it also allowed him to launch various artists, such as Lil Kim, Usher, and TLC.

In 1997 he transitioned from being a producer to music artist himself, releasing the debut single Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down. He also released his first album, No Way Out, that same year, which garnered five nominations at the 40th Grammy Awards. Combs would eventually star in movies such as Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power, Get Him to the Gree, and Draft Day. Sean Combs is known to be the second wealthiest hip-hop artist worldwide.