“Sam” | Daniel Radcliffe’s Bodyguard

Daniel Radcliffe’s life was forever changed when he bore the scar and wore the legendary glasses of Harry Potter. Almost everyone recognized him for the iconic character that he portrayed from the franchise’s start to the end. Whenever he is out and about, people are just instantly drawn to ask for a photo with him or even a hug. Sometimes, the fans’ love for Radcliffe can get a little extreme. Just to be safe, the actor hired the hot celebrity bodyguard who goes by the name of Sam.

Everywhere Radcliffe went, Sam was just an arm’s length away, always on guard and ready to move in whenever necessary. Sam is credited for keeping crazed girls and the press around Radcliffe at bay. However, other than his strong presence, Sam is adored by many fans for his good looks and charm. It seems like Radcliffe is not the only one who gets the attention.